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You need The Duplinator...
Duplinator just got Smarter!

While we were working on Duplinator to add new Freebees, we couldn't resist adding one great new feature... Smart Company Matching.

Duplinator now figures out that Widgets Corp, Widgets and Widgets Corporation are all the same company. Also included are LLC, INC, GMBH and lots more.

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Duplinator Intro


Feature Benefit
Interactive Mode Merge Create a "Lookup" of 2 (or more) contacts that are duplicates and use Interactive Merge to merge Notes, Sales, Activities and Groups and Contact data into one contact.

Save time and avoid errors versus the Cut & Paste method of merging.

Batch Mode Merge Use the Duplinator to find duplicates in your database, without changing the "Match Duplicates" settings in ACT!. Even find duplicates on E-mail address!
Merge Reports All Merging and name fixing is completely reported in HTML reports created by the operations above.
Merges In-place No need to do Export/Delete/Merge operation necessary with ACT! alone.

30 Day Trial Details

In the 30 day trial, Batch Merge is disabled. You can go through the steps of a Batch Merge Duplicate lookup, but you can't actually merge the Duplicates that it finds.


Duplinator includes 5 Freebee features... fully enabled even after the trial expires.

  1. Find Bad Emails will find contacts in your database that have bogus email addresses.
  2. Lookup Secondary Emails will find all the contacts in your database that have more than one email address defined.
  3. Update Email Domain has been included here and is being retired as a separate Freebee.
  4. Merge Current Lookup within Duplinator previously was limited to 3 uses in Trial Mode, but it is now an unlimited Freebee.
  5. Fix Names finds and fixes first name, last name problems in your ACT! database. (How many "John Q. Smith" entries do you have where ACT! thinks "Q" is the last name?)

Freebees are flashing

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Duplinator Intro (after movie starts, do View > Full Screen)

Duplinator: Why is it better than the other product?

We get asked if Duplinator is better than the other ACT! Database Deduplication product.

Yes, it is. Here's why:

  1. The other product can only use the duplicate matching criteria in ACT!.

    Duplinator has it's own technology for finding duplicates. The primary advantage here is that Duplinator allows use of the Email Address field. The Email Address field is obviously one of the best ways for detecting a duplicate contact. You also don't have to change the Duplicate Criteria in ACT! to "lookup" Duplicates.
  2. Smart Company Matching! IBM Corp matches IBM, for example.
  3. Duplinator lets you review and remove Duplicates from the list before they are merged.
  4. Duplinator keeps a full log (in HTML) of all the changes made to your database.
  5. Support is included with Duplinator (as it is with all of our add-ons).
  6. Interactive Mode. Duplinator has a "Merge Current Lookup" feature for those time when you trip across a duplicate in day to day use of ACT!.
  7. The Fix Names! function of Duplinator can find lots of problems in Contact First/Last Names and fix them. This makes it possible to find more duplicates.
  • ACT! 5 / 6


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