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Since 1997, we have been the leading developer of ACT! add-ons.

Northwoods Software was founded in 1995 by professional software developers to create tools for other software developers. Today, the founders represent a total of more than 100 years of software development expertise

When you have engineers running a business, they tend to tinker with everything they use in running that business. What started as efforts to make our own use of ACT! more efficient and effective are now available to you. Our products help transform ACT! from a "contact manager" into a serious "customer relationship manager" (popularly known as CRM).

We're an efficient, engineering-driven organization that produces quality products. The people that write the code also do the support. This results in two major benefits. First, you always get the best answer possible to your question. Second, if you do find a problem, it is fixed quickly.

Thousands of customers worldwide now rely on Northwoods products to improve their productivity.

Northwoods Software
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