FAQ for Sales Automation Manager

Why are some fields in my template missing in the email?

Missing fields in an email sent by SAM can be caused by more than one thing:

    • SAM was not told that the field is a Merge Field.
    • The field in the template is cased or spelled incorrectly.
    • The raw HTML coding around the field is too complex for Mail Merge to recognize it.

SAM requires that all fields that are going to be used in a template must be declared as Merge Fields (and listed in a Merge Map).
NOTE: A Merge Map maps each field name used in a any template to an actual field name defined in your database. Merge Maps allow template fields to be spelled differently than the database fields. For example, Zip in your template can map to Zip Code in your database. A powerful use of merge maps is to allow the same template to be used for a contact and their spouse. The field name in the template might be FullName, and the Default merge map would map that to the Contact field, but a merge map named Spouse could map that to a custom field called Spouse Fullname.

To tell SAM a field is a Merge Field:
2. Click the Settings tab
3. Click the Databases tab
4.Click the Select Merge Fields button. Your current merge maps will be displayed.
5. Click Revise List. The first merge map will be displayed.
6. If the tempalte field is spelled correctly, click Add a Database field as a new mapping. Repeat for each missing database field.
7. If the template field is not spelled like it is in the database, click Add a new template field. Then, select that template field and click Set the Database field in a mapping. Repeat for each missing template field.
8. When done updating that merge map, click Next to fix the next merge map.

If the template field is misspelled, you can either revise the template, or use the above method to map the template field correctly.
The last reason that a template field may be missing in the email is if the HTML is too complex.  One way his can happen if you set the font properties differently than other text in your template.  Open your template in notepad (or View Source) and see if the field name has gotten separated from the surrounding brackets by extra HTML code.  If so, edit the template to make it simpler.

How can I run SAM using the Task Scheduler? Can it run in a logged out account?

There is no need to remain logged on to run SAM or WP using the Task Scheduler.  The Task Scheduler can support jobs that put up windows, so long as those jobs don't put up a dialog box that requires user input.

To run SAM or WP unsing the Task Scheduler, ensure the following when you create the task:

1. Create the task in the same account that will run it (i.e. don't create it in Administrator and try to run it in some other account even if it is an admin account).
2. Set the parameter to runonce
(That will let the app know that it is not supposed to put up warning dialog boxes.)
3. Check "Run task even if user is logged out"
4. Check "Run with highest privileges"

How can I delete a campaign?

SAM does not directly provide a way to delete a campaign.  

Note: SAM attaches a campaign to a database by creatiing two fields.  If the campaign is called Prospects, the fields are Prospects_Stage and Prospects_TasksCompleted. 

To remove a campaign from the database, simply rename the _Stage field:

    1. Open ACT
    2. Click Tools... Define Fields.
    3. Change the name of the stage field to something else, for example: Prospects_StageOld. 

By using the above method, SAM will no longer try to run the campaign, but the contents of the stage field will remain intact in case you want to run the campaign again.  Also, the campaign file itself will remain intact (and editable) in your Campaigns folder under My Documents...Northwoods...Sales Automation...Campaigns....

If you are sure you really want to get rid of the campaign completely, delete the _Stage and _TasksCompleted fields and delete the .CMP file in your Campaigns folder.  Since deletiing ACT fields may have adverse consequences to other database users, we do not recommend this method - ask an ACT Consultant for advice before deleting fields.

How can I have SAM record a history in ACT when it sends an email?

SAM's emails are actually sent by Mail Merge.  The Accounts settings in Mail Merge must be correct for SAM to send email.  You should create an account in Mail Merge for each person from whom you want the email to be coming from.  Typically, that would be each Record Manager in the database. 

Note also, that we recently extended SendEmail in SAM so that it can come from any named Account in Mail Merge even if that "person" is NOT an ACT user.

Anyhow, Mail Merge will update the history tab in ACT, provided that: You have entererd correct Username and Password information for all the Mail Merge "Accounts" that you use to send the email.  If the username or password is incorrect for some account, the email can be sent, but the history will not be recorded in ACT.

How do I set the Subject of an email?

The very best way to set the subject for a SAM (or Mail Merge) email is to set the <Title> tag in the HTML.  To set the title to "News from Me", you would set the title tag as follows:
<Title>News from me</Title>
and insert the above line between <Head> and </Head> in the raw HTML.  You can make that edit by opening the HTML file using Notepad.

You can also set the subject in the SendEmail action itself.  We suggest you use that only to override the subject in the Title tag, because it is best to have the subject as part of a template, rather than stored in a campaign file.  That way, you will see the title anytime you open a template.

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