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The following incremental updates are FREE to users already licensed for the matching major version number (e.g. 12, 13, 14 etc.)...

10/24/2012 New Install Kits for ACT2013 now available

WebProspect, SAM, and Mail Merge Version 15 (for ACT 2013) are now available. Download the new kits from the Free Trials download page at: 

2/7/2012 SAM Version 14, 13, and 12 Updated (for ACT 2010, 2011, and 2012) 

The runlog now shows how many contacts per second are being processed.

1/5/2012 Mail Merge, SAM, and WebProspect Version 14 (for ACT 2012) are now available

We've updated our key products to work with ACT 2012.
Download from the Free Trials download page at

12/9/2011 New Updates for Mail Merge

Mail Merge updates 11, 12, and 13.0.4360 (for ACT 2009, 2010, and 2011) were released today.
  • Added code to fix an occasional hang on certain types of templates.
  • Fixed a problem introduced by Microsoft Update where file MSHTML will not load and templates can’t be seen in the preview.

    12/9/2011 New Updates for WebProspect

    WebProspect updates 12.0.4360 and 13.0.4360 (for ACT 2010 and 2011) were released today.
  • Support was added for sending the New Leads Report (see the Account tab) vial Gmail and SSL.
  • A positive confirmation was added if testing Pop access was successful.
  • Clarifiying notes were added to the user interface.

    5/23/2011 New Updates for SAM
    A new update was released today for Versions 11., 12., and 13.0.4158 of SAM.
  • A new View/Edit Outbox button has been added to the Correspondence tab, so now you can easily revise email that has made it to the Outbox before it goes out.
  • Action SetField can now set a Date field to blank by storing blank text.

    5/16/2011 New Mail Merge Updates
    A new update was released today for Versions 11., 12., and 13.0.4153 of Mail Merge.
  • Now preventing multiple launching of Mail Merge or accidental double-clicks of the Send button which might result in duplicated emails.
  • Improved compatibility for Outlook 2010.  NOTE: only 32-bit version is supported on 32 or 64 bit platforms.
  • HTML Editor now uses the "standard" square brackets when inserting a subject rather than the (deprecated) {{ brackets.
  • Miscellaneous other reliability improvements.

    4/23/2011 New SAM Updates Version 12.0.4128 and 13.0.4128
    Major new feature added: the "Truly Visual Debugger"
    Sales Automation Manager now includes a major new feature that can be a great help when you are designing and testing campaigns -- the Truly Visual Debugger.
    • Stepping - step one operation at a time through your campaign.
    • Control your preconditions and actions - force Preconditions (such as Wait) to pass or block; force Actions to either DoIt or SkipIt. 
    • Set Break Points - run your campaigns up to the next contact, stage, precondition, action, or exception.
    3/25/2011 New WebProspect Updates - Version 12.0.4101 and 13.0.4101

    1. Has new rule "replacefirst" for the Classic parser. 
    Replacefirst replaces the first keyphrase found in the input lead email (and only the first match).  You can use it to insert separators when the email sender did not use them.

        Raw Input:
    Name Bill Smith
        Use rule: replacefirst Name Contact:
        Result: Contact: Bill Smith
        By using the actual ACT field name (Contact), the input will be auto-mapped (so you won't have to).

    2. Has new rule "insertnextkeyphrase" for the Classic parser.  
    Insertnextkeyphrase looks for a keyphrase (p1) at the start of a line, and inserts p2 at the start of the next line. You can use it to insert a missing keyword if the lead-sender left one out. 

        Raw Input:
     Address 1: 1 Main St
        Use rule: insertnextkeyphrase Address 1:    ZIP Code:
        Result: Address 1: 1 Main St
                               ZIP Code: 02405
        By using the actual ACT field name (ZIP Code), the input will be auto-mapped (so you won't have to).

    3. Now logging error messages that occur during a task scheduler run.

    You can now see any errors that happen during automated runs by checking the tracelog.

    4. Fixed the problem where fields were mismapped when first create a freeform pattern.

     3/17/2011 New SAM Updates Version 12.0.4093 and 13.0.4093

    1. Added new action "LookupTable"
    Sales Automation Manager now includes a new action called LookupTable. LookupTable provides a way for you to use any contact field to locate a related piece of data, and then store that data into another contact field.  Examples of some things you can easily do with LookupTable:

    • Map a list of Zip or Postal codes to City or region.
    • Assign outside sales reps to leads based on the lead's Zip code, state, or other field.
    • Index a table by contact name, and put an assigned value in some field of the contact record, for example, a customer id, account number, or a staggered date on which to send a first email.
    • Change the address or main phone number of everyone at the same company.
    • Import other tabular data residing in a a spreadsheet into your database.

    2. Improvement to avoid blank email fields in templates
    SAM now "watches" the Template folder (after you Run Campaigns once).  Thereafter, each time you Run Campaigns, SAM checks a time-stamp to see if a new template has shown up in the Template folder.
    If so, SAM will pop a dialog box to remind you to check the new templates for new merge fields and reminds you to add them with Select Merge Fields. 

    This should help eliminate sending out emails with blank fields.

    3. Improvements in Error Handling
    Please regularly check the Run Logs.  If an error occurs in a compaign it will be shown there.  (Note: SAM installs a campaign StatusReporter that you can use to send you the run log each run).

    a. New "limbo" stage "xxxx GotException".  Ignoring run logs in the past would sometimes cause an error to occur on a daily basis.  This could cause SAM to get stuck in a stage repeating execution of a transition getting an error.  If the transition was sending an email, duplicate emails could result. 

    To avoid this problem, SAM will now "park" the contact getting an error in a "limbo" stage with a new name.  The new name is the name of the stage where the error happenned, with the suffix "GotException" added.  The contact will remain parked there until you take action.

    b. Better error handling during service execution.  SAM is now logging errors that occur during automated runs in the Run Log.  Previously, SAM would pop a dialog box and abort the job.  Now, you will find error messages in the runlog the next time you open SAM.

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