We were looking for a work process ‘engine’ to automate a string of sales and admin tasks and after 4 happy years using ACT thought we would have to switch to another database platform. Not a welcome option at all as our business is totally run through ACT and we have invested a great deal of time, money and effort customizing ACT over the years. It was a dreadful prospect, but the projected costs saving of using an ‘engine’ determined we had to make it real. Then we found out about SAM. 

The integration was painless, the design and planning of the campaigns to automate work flow very straight forward, in the main due to the flowchart style of the campaign editor. And after a further 4 years with ACT and SAM: no down time, vast – and I mean vast – improvements to our business in both sales and admin function, and extremely easy to use. I reckon it paid for itself it a week!

Mike Oaten

Managing Director
Refunds Direct Ltd, UK

We've been using Sales Automation Manager, MailMerge and Web Prospect since 2004 and our entire sales department relies on the software.  Our complete sales cycle from scheduling follow-up calls and client demonstrations to sending out monthly support letters are all automated thanks to Sales Automation Manager. 

Our sales team no longer has to worry about manually scheduling tasks within ACT as it is all done for them automatically.  SAM is like having an extra employee without the added expense.  We have saved so much time and money throughout the years and I don't know how we ever ran our business before SAM.  I would recommend SAM to any business that wants to save time, money and automate their work flow.

Marc Beck
MediPro, Inc.

I have been a Registered Rep and a Financial Advisor for almost 30 years. For over 20 years I have actively uses CRM programs to service my client base. The choices for the Financial Services field seemed to repeatedly come down to a decision between GoldMine, and ACT! Unfortunately, ACT! does not have a Workflow system like the Automated Processes system that GoldMine provided, which made a choice for ACT! less attractive.

However, After many years of considering between GoldMine and ACT!, I have settled on ACT!, for it's rich feature set for contact recordkeeping. What made the decision for me was the extensive workflow and marketing features in the software bundle offered by Northwoods Software and the Sales Automation Manager (SAM).

I have used SAM for over 5 years, and I can recommend this software to potential users as a real Workflow and Automation service for ACT! Using SAM, I can automate field updates, create and use "DRIP" marketing routines, implement consistent Contact followup and even automate letter and envelope printing. One of the nicest features of SAM is that I can set up the software to run on our ACT! Server computer, and automatically run the SAM Workflow routines on a consistent schedule (I run it every 15 minutes). The Workflow programming interface in SAM is "picture" oriented and visual in nature - leading to a graphic outline of the automated processes that SAM runs. Letters and documents can be either printed real-time, or held for printing and released later in the day.

I believe that SAM is the "missing Workflow component" that ACT! needed to have to be a first-class application for professionals in the Financial Services field, and recommend it to prospective users.


Kim E. Kamper

Registered Principal, Registered Representative &
Investment Advisor Representative of
Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc."


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